Vegetable garden installation

We can install vegetable or herb gardens at your home, school or business.

Vegetable Garden Maintenance

Whether you have a new or existing vegetable garden, we can help with tending to the soil, planting seeds, removing those pesky weeds, harvesting and other gardening tasks necessary to grow delicious and wholesome fruits and vegetables.

Garden Revitalization

We can take an existing vegetable or herb garden and expand or enhance it. We can add automated watering, automated weeding, bed borders and much more !

Greenhouse Installation

A greenhouse can extend the season by allowing you to grow vegetables longer. It also allows you to get a jumpstart by planting earlier in Spring. We can help you choose a greenhouse to help meet your needs and install it for you.

Rain barrel Installation

Rain barrels are a great way to save rainwater to provide your edible and non edible plants with much needed moisture during those dry spells. We can install rainbarrels and the hosing necessary to easily use the water.

Compost Bin Installation

Plants need nourishing soil just like we need nourishing food. Composting is a great way to add much needed nourishment to the soil. We install off the shelf compost bins or we can construct a variety of multi-bin compost bins.

Landscaping Design

We can design a vegetable and flower garden using paver stone paths, arbors and other features


We can show you tricks and tips to help gardening become easier.